26 GHz Band 5G Study


The 26 GHz Band (24 250 – 27 500 MHz) is one of the three pioneer spectrum bands identified as being suitable for the deployment of “5G” services in Europe.

In 2020 ComReg commissioned a 26 GHz Band 5G Study to inform its consideration of the appropriate licensing framework(s) for the assignment of rights of use in the 26 GHz Band (including to facilitate “5G” deployments).

The study by Plum and IDATE considers the requirements for existing services while also facilitating WBB deployments, including 5G via appropriate licensing frameworks and seeks views as an input to the forthcoming ComReg consultation on its next Radio Spectrum Management Strategy Statement.

The report of this study, published in January 2021, can be downloaded HERE.

Currently the national usage for the 26 GHz band includes Fixed Links, FWPMA, and National Point to Point Block services.

There is approximately 1,458 MHz of spectrum currently unassigned in the 26 GHz Band, which is split across the ranges 24 250 – 24 605 MHz / 25 445 – 25 613 MHz / 26 453 – 27 500 MHz, as outlined below.




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26 GHz Band 5G Study